Hats Off to the TOS Planner !

I wear MANY hats as a Homeschooling Mom.

In fact, I sometimes have so many
to wear in one day that I should officially
change my name to
"The Mad Hatter."

Therefore, when I received...
...The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
2010 Schoolhouse Planner,
I breathed a sigh of relief.

It's like I now have a HUGE hat box
for all the details of my life!


For my "Teacher Hat"......the planner has 12 organized sections,
one for each month,
just PACKED with homeschooling articles,
educational lists, teaching ideas, etc.

After those sections,
the 614 page planner
is CHOCK FULL of forms
for organizing lesson plans
(weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly),
as well as other forms for homeschooling conventions,
co-ops, and other teaching needs.


For my "Chef Hat"...
...the planner contains several recipes in each
of the 12 monthly sections,
which will help on those nights I forget to plan dinner.

In the planning sheets,
an entire section is dedicated to
grocery/menu planning.

Now I just can't wait to get cooking in the kitchen...


For my "Cheerleader Hat"...
...the planner contains ways to set goals,
for my family and myself.

I have never sat down and written out goals for us all,
and I think this could definitely be a morale builder
for our family-

Go Team!!!


For my "Dr. Mom Hat"...
...the planner offers many forms to keep track of all
the family's medical appointments and needs,
INCLUDING our dogs.

I also like the babysitting form,
which helps the sitter out with your kiddos'
medicals needs-
I often am in such a hurry to get out the door
when the sitter arrives,
I inevitably forget to tell him/her something.

Having this form filled out ahead of time will
help keep "disaster"
(big and small)
at bay...


For my "Chauffeur Hat"...
...the planner contains forms for field trip plans,
extra-curricular activities,
and all those other reasons Mommies everywhere
are burning rubber.


For my "Housekeeper Hat"...
...the planners chore charts are the bomb!

I will NOT be the only one keeping this house


For my "Lawyer Hat"...
...the planner has a form to keep track of
state requirements,
from attendance sheets to "report cards."


For my "Theologian Hat"...

...the planner has many Biblical-knowledge lists,
scripture memory ideas, prayer journal forms
and Bible reading plans/study forms.


For my "Naturalist Hat"...
...the nature journal form will keep our
Nature Hikes educational.

Also, if I EVER get to plant a garden,
the planner has a section to prepare my mind
to be like a gardeners...


For my "Mrs. Fix-It Hat"...

...the planner will help me keep up with my
scheduled car maintenance,
as well as other items,
(like our computer),
that need the help of a professional.

(I am telling ya, I do NOT wear this hat often-
I am not skilled in the way of the mechanical!)


For my "Artist Hat"...
...the forms for planning craft projects
will be a great benefit for me.


For my "Travel Agent Hat"...
(Wouldn't you LOVE to have him planning your next vacation?)

...the planner will help me hash out
and keep track of the next vacation we want to go on.


There are other hats that this planner helps me deal with,
like my "Accountant Hat," "Personal Trainer Hat," etc.,
but I do not think you need me to explain the BENEFITS of
owning a planner like this anymore!

The cost is $39,
and since it comes to you digitally,
you can just TYPE on the forms and
save them to your computer.
(I am VERY EXCITED about this feature!)

However, do not fret if you
prefer a pencil and paper method to planning-
you can just print off what form you need
and write away from there.

If you are interested in getting your hat closet in order
with this planner,
you can click HERE
for more info.

Disclaimer: I received this planner as part of the
TOS Review Crew to participate in a contest in which
I wrote this advertisement.

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