Baby Girl's Birthday Blues

Monday evening,
we celebrated Baby Girl's birthday with family...

(Using Silly Bands as a birthday bow is a great idea, isn't it?)


What I wanted to write about was Baby Girl's
party face...
Here it is.

She really is excited-somewhere-
deep down inside...

Her shyness
(even amoungst family)
just takes over when she is
the center of attention,
and she shuts down.

She ALMOST cracked a smile while blowing out
the candle on her cake.


Let's now fast forward to later in the evening...

Just look at that smile...

She really DID enjoy her birthday party
and ADORES her new nightgown...
Someday you'll overcome your shyness Baby Girl...



  1. So true! Laurel is most of the way out of hers now at nearly 13...but it's been a long road!

  2. Aw.. lol. Laney was like that too, but she did grow out of it!