wiww: Sick of Sweaty Summer

Is anyone SICK of summer heat yet?

I am.

I am ready for cool, crisp Autumn days...

When I can step out of my house without breaking into a sweat.


I am done complaining now-
onto the clothes!


Jammin' in Gym Shorts

I really do love these shorts-
they are so cool and comfy,
I honestly do not care if
they are flattering or not...


Sassy Shirt
I love the pattern on this shirt-
it reminds me of a watercolor painting...
These sweet jewels were a gift from Jungle Girl
for Mother's Day one year.

I smile every time I wear them.

Oh, but the BEST accessory of this outfit?
Spiderman band-aids!

On Saturday we were at a local amusement park,
and on the last ride of the evening,
(at 9:53pm, to be exact),
the ride operator accidentally stepped on my
sandal-clad foot with his big-old boot...

And ripped off half of my big toe nail.

I never knew how much a person used their big toe
until this happened...


Simple Summer Wear


Back to the Bandanna


Well, that was my week.

I am off now to dream of wearing jeans
and sweatshirts while watching football...

For more summer fashions,
head on over to
"what i wore wednesday"


  1. Lol on the spider man band-aids, but don't be too quick to leave summer! Our temp. has dropped into the 50's here, and it's raining! :( There are still so many good popsicles to be eaten.

  2. the spiderman band-aid was awesome. i'm in band-aid envy.

  3. Me, me, me . . . I am SICK of this weather!! Bring on the jeans, sweaters, boots, scarves . . . anything but shorts and sweat. So over it!!

  4. Yep, hatin' the heat! I'm ready for fall, which is totally unlike me, but the thought of cute sweaters, jeans and cute boots dance through my dreams...sigh...

    Love the band-aid! Sorry about your toe :(

  5. Love the sassy shirt! It's so cute. Monday is totally how I dress, though. :D