stART: The Camp Edition

While I was away at camp last week,
I took stART with me...

It was a hit!

I used stART in a couple different ways...


During the first day of
Archeological Arts and Crafts,
I read parts of...
...You Wouldn't Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy!
Disgusting Things You'd Rather Not Know
by David Stewart.

It is a GREAT resource to read about how
mummification was done in Ancient Egypt!

Our theme for this week of 5th and 6th grade camp
was about Ancient Egypt
as it related to the time period in which
Joseph was a ruler
(Genesis Chapters 30-46).

(We used the Group Vacation Bible School Curriculum,
Egypt: Joseph's Journey from Prison to Palace,
as the "base" for our week of camp.)

After discussing mummification with the campers,
they each got to decorate...
...their own sarcophagus,
using markers and paint pens.


The other way I used stART at camp
was with the AWESOME girls who
stayed in my cabin.

Each evening, one of the Counselors
or Jr. Counselors would read
a story to the kiddos
to get them settled down for bed.

When time permitted,
I would then lead the girls
in a craft or activity
which related to the book in some way.


On Sunday evening I read...
...Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon
by Patty Lovell
(but David Catrow's illustrations
MAKE the book!).

The girls then got all settled in their bunks,
and I showed them how to make a SIMPLE
friendship bracelet,
since Molly Lou Melon knew that
being herself was the only way to make friends.

(Click HERE for the easy instructions
from Scrumdilly-Do...)

Here are some of the results...


Another evening, I read... ...The Stinky Cheese Man
and Other Fairly Stupid Tales
by the "Dynamic Duo"
Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.

Oh how I LOVE this book!
It has my kind of twisted humor,
so reader beware...

While I read this story,
the girls made their own mini S'mores.

(Thank you, Almost Unschoolers,
for the WONDERFUL inspiration!)

We pretty much followed the directions given
by Almost Unschoolers,
except we used generic Honey Grahams cereal squares
instead of chopped up graham cracker squares for
our treats...
I credit Ramblings of a Crazy Woman
for this part of the "recipe."

Here we are...
...getting ready for a bedtime story and snack!

(I am just SO PROUD of us
for NOT burning down the cabin...)


As I wrap this post up,
I just want all my blogger buddies to know,
I could NOT have had such a wonderfully creative time
with my campers without all of your inspiration!

As I reread this post, I see I took four of your ideas
with me...
Y'all just make me SMILE!!!

For more inspiration for your own little campers,
head on over to stART!


  1. I'm so glad you didn't burn down the cabin! I'd hate to be the inspiration for disaster :) Wonderful books too, I have to check out a couple of those.

  2. Cute. I rarely follow through on the big plans I take with me on trips. Sigh.......

  3. So much fun!! I used to love to make friendship bracelets :)

  4. Those all look so fun! My girls used to LOVE The Stinky Cheese Man book. I wonder if we still have it laying around somewhere...

  5. Such fun ideas...I really love this whole stART meme, it's the best!

    Glad you didn't burn the cabin down LOL!

  6. What fun activities to go with the books!

  7. I wish I could have been a fly on the cabin wall. This looks like it was fun.

  8. How exciting that you could use so many blog ideas and great books and teach during this camp. The girls are quite lucky!

  9. What great ideas! It's hard to entertain that many girls so congrats to you for getting it done. :) Thank you for sending me the link to the other playdough recipes. Looking forward to giving them a try!

  10. I love that stART could be such an fun and exciting part of your camping this summer! It looks like you all had such a wonderful time.

    Thank you for linking up to stART :0)