Crafty Bloggers, Be Inspired...

As I was perusing through Dollar Store Crafts yesterday,
I was so inspired by this blog...

EZ Crafts with Karlista

The author of this blog is 12 years old!


She has several tutorials for easy crafts... this "Pink and Posh Doll Apartment"...
(which my daughters are DYING to make!)
...Funky Flip Flops...
...and a Hip Sash refashioned
from an old Scarf.

Seriously, y'all, you need to go and visit
her blog and leave her some love-

I believe she could be the next Martha Stewart...


  1. Seriously cool blog!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Speaking of crafty...are you still doing the Reclaiming Christmas blogs? Those are cool too!!! :)

    Ann T.

  2. Yes, we WILL be, as soon as we get going with a school schedule- man, summer has just kicked me in the booty!

  3. Very neat! My girls will love reading a crafty blog by one of their own.