Review: Travel Kits

When TOS sent me the ebook...
Travel Kits: A Simple Way to Bless Others
by Donna Rees,
I wasn't quite sure what to expect,
but I am SO GLAD I got to review it!

I recently had to send my Little Wild Man
away to Nana and Papa's house while the
girls and I went to church camp for a week.

This ebook gave me a "FANTABULOUS" idea on how
to make the 6 hour drive to the grandparents'
much more enjoyable...

Create Little Wild Man his own Travel Kit!


So, what exactly IS a Travel Kit, you may ask?

Basically, it's several gifts given to someone
throughout a trip.

Before the big travel day,
I went to Big Lots and the Dollar Tree......and gathered up some goodies.

The author lists TONS of ideas,
and I took her up on some of her suggestions:

Drawing paper
Craft supplies

And, believe me, that is JUST the beginning of her suggestions.

Since the trip takes about 6 hours,
I decided that Little Wild Man would open
one package every hour.

Rees also suggests this can be done by mileage,
landmarks, etc.-
whatever works for the particular trip/family.

Little Wild Man's packages were as follows:
A puppet book
A couple of cars and a sucker
A drawing pad and smelly markers
Silly bands and a sucker
Post-It notes, tiny pencils, and a sucker
Travel games and a note from Mommy (of course!)
I wrapped the surprises simply in paper bags,
and labeled them according to the order I wanted
them to be opened.
I then placed them all in this sweet zipper tote
and included an old plastic shopping bag
to throw away any trash created upon the opening
of the gifts.

Now, I have heard of travel kits before,
but this ebook includes ALL KINDS of ways
to create the kits in manners I had never thought of.

The book includes many other useful tips and tricks to make
traveling much more fun for the entire family.

PERHAPS my favorite part of the book was...
great for us visual learners.

This book will prove to be a useful reference tool
for my family
(and any others I choose to bless
with a Travel Kit)
for years to come...

If you are interested in acquiring a copy
of this book,
you may do so by heading on over to
TOS's Schoolhouse Store
where you can purchase a copy for $12.45.


Oh, did Little Wild Man enjoy his kit?
I think his grin says it all...

In fact, Super Dad said that on the way
to Nana and Papa's, he would open a present,
wait a minute, and ask to open another.

Oh, the patience of a four year old... :0)

Disclaimer: I was provided this product free
for my honest opinion.

I have not been compensated in any other way.


  1. That is such a neat idea.. I love it!

  2. Waw, it's a great post ...

    Very cool ...


  3. Your son is too cute! I'm glad you found such cute things for your kit, and that he had such a good time with them. I loved the photos and your great review.