what i wore wednesday: Camp Edition

I'm back!

Last week, I was away at church camp,
so this "edition" of
"what i wore wednesday"
will be a combo of the past two weeks.

So, here we go...


Wednesday, July 7th
Let's Pack for Camp Outfit

I went to the church to help organize
and pack up items we would be taking to the camp.

I felt that I should wear last year's camp shirt
(and a bandanna- my standard camp hairdo)
as inspiration for the day...
Front of the shirt
Back of the shirt
(These were the Bible Points for each day last year)


Thursday, July 8th
Going Shopping for Camp Outfit

I went with the dean and other co-dean
for our week of camp and spent
a lot of money at Wal-Mart
for supplies we still needed.
I made sure to have the locks up
with a cute flower...
It's been SO HOT here in East Tennessee!


Friday, July 9th
Making Time for a Movie Outfit

My best bud, Knit Wit, came over
with her kiddos
and we all went and saw
How to Train Your Dragon
at the dollar theater.

No matter how crazy busy I seem to be,
I am ALWAYS happy to take a break with her!
Hair was up- again- due to heat and humidity...


Sunday, July 11th
I'm FINALLY at Camp! Outfit

I wore tanks, shorts, no make up
and my hair up all week long......and enjoyed every minute of it.

As you can probably see from the pic above,
I sweated about every moment of the day,
which was why my outfits had to be
chosen "carefully"...HA!


Tuesday, July 13th
The '80's ROCKED! Outfit

The ONE exception to my
"camp uniform" for the week
was our '80's Dance Party on Tuesday night.

I teased my hair up into a high ponytail...
...put on some blue eyeshadow...
...and accessorized, Madonna-style.

Totally cool...


Sunday, July 18th
I Survived Camp Outfit

We got back from camp on Friday,
I spent some fun family time with
the kiddos and Super Dad on Saturday,
so on Sunday I made an effort to get
dressed up for church.

My kiddos wanted in on the picture fun too...


I am so glad to be back
in my air conditioned home,
with my family,
slowly recovering from one
wickedly-awesome week of camp.

Looking forward to more camping fun
next summer...

For more FASHION fun,
head on over to
"what i wore wednesday."


  1. Wahoo for air conditioning. I all to clearly remember back to my teaching days and sweating it out in the summer heat in some remote areas with a bunch of students and colleagues.

    Baby Girl looked like she had an awesome birthday - special, well thought out surprises always make for beautiful memories.

  2. Love the flower in your hair. Ooo, the 80's look is a little scary (and VERY accurate).

  3. I'm so jealous of your hair color. I always loved it ever since reading Nancy Drew and her strawberry blonde hair.

  4. Well, Ticia, I would gladly trade my hair color for your waistline! ;0)

  5. Camp is the greatest :) I LOVE the flower in your hair. So pretty!