Muffin Tin Monday: Dining with the Disney Channel

OK folks,
in this edition of Muffin Tin Monday,
I am honoring...
...The Disney Channel.

I must say,
this is the station we gravitate towards
in the mid-afternoon
when it is too hot to be outside...

And, man, has it been

So, to pay tribute to
"The Mouse"...
...our muffin tins consisted of the following:
Ham and cheese
Mickey Mouse shaped sandwiches...
...and other goodies any mouse
would nosh on,
such as cheese
and peanuts w/ chocolate chips... carrots and popcorn.

We ate our spread while watching
The Disney Channel,
of course!
(Jungle Girl did NOT want her picture
taken that day...)
Yum, yum...

And we added to the fun... letting a friend join our crew!

For more muchie-crunchie inspiration,
head on over to
Muffin Tin Monday...


  1. What a fun lunch. It is really hot here too.

  2. Oh this looks like fun! I may just have to join in next but do you have to watch the Disney channel? We don't get it. I'm over from the Crew :) following via GFC.


  3. what a neat idea!

    I am a fellow crew member and also a new follower of your blog!

  4. What a great muffin tin! Love the Mickey sandwich. :)

    This summer heat is so bad! After our super freezing winter that seemed to last foreverrrrr I was hoping for a mild summer! Mother nature is LOL. *sigh!*