The Good Bye Blues...

I really *hoped* that I would never see...
...a moving van in our neighbor's drive way.

This family welcomed us so generously into their lives
when we moved into
"The 'Hood"
two years ago.

I knew they were planning an out-of-state move for a while,
but circumstances delayed their move for over a year.

So I secretly hoped they would never leave...

But, that was not God's plan.

Oh well.

So, yesterday, I jazzed up...
...an old shoe box...
..and tucked in the kiddos' "mini-me's."

We all went over to say our good byes
to the children in the family.
Little Wild Man spent some quality
Lego time with his bud...
The girls + another neighborhood kiddo
tried not to be TOO glum...
...as they said their
"See ya later's"
to Goofy Girl.
(Gotta have one last group hug!)
(Yes sir, your face says it all...sigh...)
One last crazy pose before the kiddos left...


Fast forward to this morning...

I made some applesauce muffins
and we all went over to
send off the parents...

Good bye,
dear friends...

I will miss:

Coffee talks
Italian Ices at Rita's
Borrowing eggs
Hot chocolate after snow day play
Leaning against the van and chatting while
the kiddos circled us on roller blades
Watching the men change the oil in the car
Celebrating birthdays
Taking care of each others' pets
Farmer Market fun
Whining to each other
Laughing with each other
Praying together
Just sharing LIFE.

(Oh, I hope to make it down to
"The Farm" soon...)


  1. Now I'm missing all the friends "back home"!

  2. The face really does say it all.

  3. We said goodbye to our best friends of eight years yesterday. I feel your pain!

  4. How very sad!! We only had neighbors like that once, 13 years ago in Iowa, and we still miss them!