Minature Reflections...

Yesterday the kiddos and I
spent the day at my parents' house.

I learned to crochet,
and the kiddos played beautifully with one another.

Perhaps it had a bit to do with the little gifts
my mother and I scrounged up for them...


When I was a girl, I had this Victorian-style
doll house that was purchased at a flea market.

I loved it.

It was so much fun "renovating" the place
with wall paper, carpet, and other odds and ends.

Since my kiddos are VERY MUCH into playing
(their own version of doll house play)
right now,
my mother and I went down to the basement
and found some miniatures for each of the kiddos to use
in their "boxes."

Some of these items were locate in my mother's
craft stash...
...and others were found
in my old doll house stash...
...which my mother has graciously held onto
for the past few years.
Jungle Girl used some of my doll house
wall paper (old wrapping paper)
to decorate her box...
...and so did Baby Girl.
(Little Wild Man was excited about the miniatures,
but he chose to be really involved with my parents'
castle set.)


Now, while rummaging through
my old doll house treasures,
I came across a few items... ...that brought back
a flood of memories.

These beautiful decorations were made by
my aunt and Grannie
for me for Christmas one year.

My mother kept commenting how impressed she was
by the eagle rug my aunt made,
because it took a LOT of detailed work to
construct it.

(She would know-
my mother is the craftiest person alive-
MOVE OVER, Martha Stewart!)

But the favorite thing my Aunt made for me
that Christmas was...
...this sweet little bunny!

(The "children" in my doll house family were
thrilled by their new toy that year.)
Look at its cute little tale!

I also came across...
...a list I made as a child
of the names of my doll house family.

(It's funny to me how I gave the baby the nickname
of "Sweet Pea,"
because we called Jungle Girl
"Sweet Pea" as a baby.)
This little doll I purchased at a Greek Festival,
and she quickly became my fancy Victorian
family's maid,
Madam Carrie.

I took madam Carrie home with me and placed her
on one of our bookshelves in a place of honor.

I do believe the girls and I will be starting
construction on a doll house of our own sometime
in the near future,
and Madam Carrie will serve as our inspiration.

Thank you for sticking with me as I
strolled down memory lane...


  1. finds like that are always the best. I still have some of my old dollhouse stuff to pass on to Princess soon.

  2. LOVE it!!!! Brought back some memories of my own! I never had a 'real' doll house....I did a lot with boxes and such like your kids :) It was fun though! What creativity that can create in a child! Thanks for sharing Amber!