stART: "Old Bob's Brown Bear" by Niki Daly

Letter "T" is on the docket for this week,
so reading a story about a Teddy Bear
seemed prudent...
After reading this sweet story about
a teddy bear who was shared
between a Grandfather and his granddaughter...
...we had to make something that
smelled like
"lots and lots of LOVE."

For this activity, we used the following

Bear outline
(I got ours off of KidsSoup)
Instant coffee
Construction paper

First, we coated the the bear with glue.

(Fat Cat was a big help in the process...)
Next, we sprinkled the bear with
the instant coffee.

Once it was good and covered,
I shook the excess off...
....which revealed more patches that we had
to cover.

(Next, it WOULD have been smart for me to
let the bears dry before I cut them out,
but I didn't, 'cause we were itching
to get the bears completed...oh well...)

After cutting out the bears and gluing
them to construction paper...
The kiddos glued on buttons
to decorate their bears.

When we finally were finished...
...we got to work cleaning up
the coffee and glue!

Now, grab a good cup 'o joe
and head on over to stART
and see what other crafty fun
families have come up with this week!


  1. oooh, how cute! They look fantastic!!! Good enough to eat :-)

  2. Or the case may be... :0)

  3. They turned out really cute. I love all the buttons.

  4. My toddler son loves the smell of coffee and always wants to try for a sip from my lattes. I know he'd love the smell of those bears.

  5. I love little Wild Man's hair in your pictures - such curls!

  6. Hee hee, my kids would get a kick out of that.

  7. Great pictures! What a fun project:)

  8. What a Wonderful and SUPER idea!! Love It!!

  9. The bear is so cute. I love the buttons. It is wonderful that they like to clean up.

  10. I bet those smell yummy! Cute idea, love the buttons!

    Stopping by from stART!