In Love With Letters: "V" is "V"ery "V"ivacious...

Because we had SO MANY
"V" books and activities,
I decided to devote an entire post to
our alphabet antics...

My favorite book from the week was...
by Janell Cannon.
It's about a very adventurous snake,
with a love for aerobatic tricks...

Since I wasn't able get to the library this week,
I used...
Here Comes the Big Parade:
My First Steps to Reading Treasury

by Jane Belk Moncure.

(It's a condensed of all her "Sound Box" books,
which I like to use for each of the letters,
as seen in THIS post and THIS post.)
Since Little V loved Valentines,
Baby Girl and Little Wild Man
..."v" is for Valentine Letter Art.
After reading some books about vehicles...
...the kiddos created
"V" is vehicle Letter Art.

(Read more about our "V" Letter Art
by clicking HERE)
Continuing on with the vehicle activities,
the kiddos enjoyed sorting
one of my "Junk Boxes"......which was filled with
vehicle shaped erasers.

Oh, and you can't talk about the letter "V"
without mentioning Veggie Tales...
...and vegetables!

June 19, 1999
David Wiesner
is an imaginative tale involving...
...a vegetable science experiment
gone a bit haywire...
Just look at the size of them artichokes...

The kiddos also worked on this counting
and letter writing sheet...
...I got over at KidsSoup.

Finally, after reading...
Eating the Alphabet:
Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z
by Lois Ehlert....
...Jungle Girl was inspired to create a worksheet
for her siblings to work on.
She drew different fruits and vegetables,
and had Baby Girl write the name of them
on her sheet,
while Little Wild Man just wrote the first letter
for each of the fruits and vegetables.
Perhaps I should be giving her
substitute teacher pay...

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