stART and Sunday Science: "The Magic School Bus Takes a Dive"

Since the kiddos and I have been studying different habitats in Science,
learning about the Great Barrier Reef
was made EASY using a unit called
"Download 'n Go: Expedition Australia"...
(You can read more about it by clicking HERE)

But, could we just stop there?

Of course not!
After reading
The Magic School Bus Takes a Dive,
I decided to do a craft with the kiddos.

I chose one of the crafts...
...from THIS book by Kathy Ross.

We have done some of her other crafts before,
as you can see by clicking HERE,
and I find them just FAN-TABULOUS!
I chose the
"Fish Swimming Through Seaweed Puppet" craft,
'cause we dig puppets in this house!

Since my kiddos love to play rough with their puppets,
I did not want to make them with paper,
as recommended by the book.

That being said,
this would be a MUCH EASIER craft for younger kiddos
to create using paper and easier to squeeze tacky glue..
(Seriously folks, I believe I grabbed a tube of glue out of our garage
with the date of 1990 on it...)

The supplies we used for this craft included:

Old ties
Tacky glue
Wiggly eyes
Craft foam hearts

Cut several of the skinny ends of the old ties off,
making them the same length as the gloves.
We used 8 tie pieces per glove...

(I have a lot of old ties-
my husband HATES to wear them...)

Layer the tie pieces and glue them onto the glove.
This will create the "seaweed" for your fish
to swim and hide in.

Tie a piece of yarn around a pom-pom...
...making sure it's secure and won't fall off.

Glue googly eyes and craft foam hearts
onto the pom poms,
transforming your fuzzy ball into a fish!

We created 3 fish for each kiddo...

After the fish are dry,
tie them onto the finger tips of a glove...

...and your fish are ready to go for a
swim in the seaweed!

For other swimmingly good ideas
on children's books and crafts,
head on over to stART,
and continue your explorations in science
by checking out Science Sundays.
(Link to be added later...)


  1. That turned out so cute, and what a fun interactive way to learn about reefs. I have to admit when we did the Australia unit we did not do as much with the Great Barrier Reef as we could have. WE took off running with the animals and they never looked back. I'm thinking we're going to return to Australia later and look at it more.

  2. Oh, I agree! I do not see us "touching" the Australia until until the summer or the fall- my kiddos would LOVE doing all the stuff about the animals in it, but there is not enough time right now!

  3. Very nice! I like the way you made it more durable. Puppets are great, but kids are rough :)

  4. I love your post. The puppets turned out great, so cute.