Review- Download 'n Go: Expedition Australia

This is my FIRST EVER review,
so please bare with me...

This week, the kiddos and I tried out part of
Amanda Bennett's unit study
"Download 'n Go: Expedition Australia"...

I must say, part of this unit fit PERFECTLY into this week's "Earth Day" theme...

This unit is a complete week study on Australia,
which comes to you in an easy-to-down-load ebook.

Oh, and when I say this was a "complete"
unit, I do mean COMPLETE!

The lessons in this unit include any and everything about Australia,
such as vocabulary, animals, holidays,
geography, and games.

Since I did not have time to do the entire unit
with my kiddos, I chose to focus on a page about the
Great Barrier Reef.

After watching video clips and looking through web sites
about the Great Barrier Reef...
(All we had to do was click on the different links
provided in the ebook and we were at the appropriate web address-
...the kiddos worked together
(with my assistance)
to complete a scavenger hunt provided...
...through this website.

We learned some pretty interesting information,
like how grouper fish are being
overfished by humans...

(See- this fit in PERFECTLY with our Earth Day study!)

The kiddos then created pictures
(using a page provided in the unit)
of what they discovered in and around the
Great Barrier Reef...
Jungle Girl's picture...
Baby Girl's picture...Little Wild Man's picture...

My kiddos span the age range of 4-8,
and this unit was right up their ally,
as long as I was there to guide them.

I think older students could use this unit also
as an independent study.

I will probably never do a week long study on just Australia,
but I will DEFINITELY be using this ebook and its
activities as they "fit" into our regular curriculum.

This ebook is part of a series of
Download 'n Go units,
which range in price as follows:

$7.95 for one unit
$30.00 for four units
$119 for 11 units
$190 for 38 units

The learning takes place while creating a lapbook-
the only materials you need to provide are a file folder,
scissors, glue, brads, and crayons or markers-
all of the rest of the work is done for you!

If you are interested in checking out the
Download 'N Go type units,
click HERE.


Disclaimer: I was provided a free copy of the product in exchange for my honest review.
I have not been compensated in any other way.


  1. Interesting, I think I'll go see what else they have to offer - thanks for the review :)

  2. We did that one too, and it was fun. A little above my little guys on a lot of stuff, but man so much material!