History Helpers...

I have found a couple of "tricks"
that help us out
during our history lessons,
and I thought I'd pass them along to y'all...

First, may I mention, AGAIN,
how much I LOVE our history book...
(We are using it as a part of our Sonlight curriculum.)

We are also keeping a time line using stickers
created by Home School in the Woods.

(I LOVE the illustrations from this site!)
We do not have a good place for a traditional time line,
so a suggestion from Home School in the Woods
is to create a portable time line using a drawing pad.
(Just wished I had spaced
the 100 year increments a few more inches apart-
It's getting a little crowded in the Renaissance...)

Now, there are DEFINITELY times
(more often than not!)
when my kiddos have the wiggles during history,
so that's when we do one of two things...
1. Draw pictures of what they are learning about
(This works well with Bible and Read Alouds also)
Today we read about Queen Elizabeth
and Mary Queen of Scots...
...which prompted this picture by Jungle Girl.
2. Blocks (of all kinds) are also allowed
during my read aloud lessons...

All the kiddos used Pattern Blocks to
create Queen Elizabeth...
This is Little Wild Man's
...Jungle Girl's...
...and Baby Girl's.
(Bet ya didn't know that Queen Elizabeth had such a long torso!)