Weekly Wrap-Up: Let the Good Times Roll...

Well, this week was an unusual one for us...

Not only did the "good times roll,"
but the snot flowed too!

Since a sinus infection decided to flare its
ugly head in MY head this week,
our lessons have been at the
"bare minimum" level...

Ya know, the "Three R's"...

Reading, 'Rithmetic...


Roller Skating!

Our local public school system
(as well as our Home School Co-op Enrichment Group)
was not in session for President's Day... we joined our friends and went to the local roller rink...
(Please reminisce with me by clicking HERE)

Oh, and besides losing a lot of sleep from all my nose blowing,
I also lost 7 inches...
...of my hair...
(Read more about it HERE)

I am starting to feel better,
and hopefully with the quart of orange juice
I drank this afternoon,
all will be "back to normal" in our house soon...

After you finish blowing your nose,
why don't you head on over to the Weekly Wrap-Up
at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers...


  1. I hope you are all well soon :D
    You are so funny! And your hair looks good :D

    As for our science... it really is just what the kids are into at the time... I wish I could say I follow some really educational curriculum... but... it is just the curiosity of my kiddos... and a little research to make learning fun.

    If you read long enough, you see the interest change... right now it seems to be very scientific... next week it may be more nature, or history, or art, or who knows :D Never a dull moment as we learn for life, not for school!

    Thanks for your encouraging post :D

  2. Oh yeah! I'm going to make reading, writing and roller skating the new standard :D I hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. oh man. roller skating. i remember those days. in fact, i believe i used to roller skate in *my* wonder woman underoos. not in a rink, of course. in the driveway. what?

  4. I left you an award at

  5. Hope everyone is feeling better! My daughter is growing her hair our for a similar charity. :)

  6. Love your three "R's"! Hope you feel better soon. I enjoyed reading your Weekly Wrap-Up post.

  7. Thanks for your comment =0} I love that you donate your hair thats so cool!!

  8. Yay it always feels so good to cut so much hair off at once. I have donated mine several times and it's always so freeing. :)

  9. I've passes along a Beautiful Blogger Award to you :) I f you like, you can collect it here:

  10. Roller skating makes me reminisce. I should take my kids to the rink. :-)

    Hope you all are feeling well now.

    BTW, I stopped by to visit from Weekly Wrap Up.