Growing a Stick Garden...

Steps for growing a Stick Garden:

Step 1:
Gather up the kiddos...

(Who knows- you might even find a monkey or two...)

Step 2:
Gather up fallen branches...

(AGAIN, you just NEVER know
what you may find during this process...

A "Gangsta Chain"- Really?)

Step 3:
Plant the sticks in a patch of soft earth...

Step 4:
Admire your hard work!


  1. Is that like planting the lamp post in Narnia?

  2. How cute!! Love the photos! Too funny!! :-)

  3. this would never work here. mainly because when my girls find sticks, they immediately become weapons. or microphones.

  4. Yeah, most of our sticks become weapons. But maybe we can plant a stick garden...... I can dream all things don't automatically become weapons, can't I?

  5. w and Ticia-

    I have a dear friend who's two boys are in college now, and she told me how they used o have a collection of "guns" (aka "sticks") she kept in a basket at their front door.

    I know girls "play with weapons too," but boys sure seem to have natural propensity for this sort of behavior!