8 inches GONE (I just wish it had been from my waistline...)

Let me explain...

When I quite my teaching job
(which I was paid for)
so I could stay home and teach my own kiddos
(which I am not financially compensated for),
I decided to start growing out my hair.

(Exciting, huh?)

I have always liked my hair long,
but when I started teaching professionally,
I felt the need to look "professional"...

And there was no way that was happening every morning with long hair.

Now, when I was blessed to be able to stay at home,
I knew I by NO MEANS had to style my hair daily...
(Yabba Dabba Doo!)

So, I started growing it out again so I could donate it to
Pink Heart Fund
for cancer patients...

Today, I had the courage... chop it off!

Now it's time to start growing it out again...


  1. I would love to have 7 inches taken off my waistline too! lol!

  2. Congratulations!!! That is awesome that you were able to do that, what a special gift you are giving someone :0)

  3. Roller skating with a sinus infection- you are Wonder Mom:)

  4. I want to do that someday. YOU GO GIRL!

  5. Ahhhh!!! Thanks for sharing the site Amber! Like the haircut! And I'm enjoying your blog too :)

    ~Ann Tolbert