Detailed Dice

This one time, at band camp...

(OK, this is NOT a post about movie quotes, I promise!)

Today, my 2nd grader worked with a pretty fun product in the HOPES to make writing fun...

Story Starter Cubes

I have had these cubes a little while and used them to strengthen creative writing skills when I workd in the classroom. Since Jungle Girl has been learning about adding details to her writing, I thought I could utilize these dice in today's lessons.
She began the exercise by rolling three different dice to make a simple sentence.
She then added details to the sentence on her own notebook paper.

Oh, and an update on a new addition to our family...
Meet Princess, a Brown Anole Lizard.
(Jungle Girl used her Christmas money to buy her.)

She's digesting her supper...

We love ALL creatures, small and slimy, in this household...

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