Muffin Tin Monday: Learning is Fun!

This week, over on "Muffin Tin Monday," the theme was "Back to School/Learning is Fun!"

Well, we are believers in making learning fun during our homeschooling, so we often do our weekly work with some sort of "theme" attached.

What's this week's theme?
Of All Things Snow and Men
(*ahem*- Snowmen!)
So our Muffin Tin Lunch today is what I like to call:
"Eat Your Own Snowman Kit"
It included the following tasty tidbits:
Marshmallows (Snowman's Body)
Pretzel Rods (Snowman's Arms)
Chocolate Chips (Snowman's Eyes, Mouth, and Buttons)
Baby Carrots (Snowman's Nose)
Bologna Snowman Cut Out (Snowman "Frame")
Ranch Dressing for the Carrots ("Glue" to hold the parts together)

Side note: I did not intend for the kiddos to actually put a snowman together to eat, just eat the parts individually...can't imagine what marshmallows "glued" together with ranch dressing would taste like...*shudder*
AHHHHHH- it's the Headless Snowman!


  1. there's just something about a bologna snowman that's irresistible.

    also. i bet my girls would dip the marshmallows in the ranch dressing and eat them up. ah the palates of toddlers. so refined.

    great job!

  2. Whew! I was getting worried when reading that the marshmallows were about to get glued to the bologna with ranch dressing! Very cute!

  3. What a cute snowmen "kit" very nice!

  4. What a great idea! It looks like they loved it.

  5. Awesome idea and so super cute!!

  6. ha ha
    Love the whole tin. Very clever!

  7. I can't even tell you how cute this is ... I love it! And your profile picture ROCKS!!! What a great tin!

  8. What an awesome tin! I must say, I about gagged when I thought about marshmallows, Ranch and bologna. Ha!

    And yes, I LOVE your profile picture too. That is SWEET!

  9. This might just be the coolest tin ever! Love it :)