"C" is for Cars and Cardinals

This week, Baby Girl and Little Wild Man worked
on the letter "C."

Naturally, we did activities with Cats and Corduroy,
but I wanted to share in this post about the fun we had with
Cars and Cardinals.
While reading "Trains" by Donald Crews,
we looked for all the times the word "car" was used.
Then we looked at Richard Scarry's
"Cars and Trucks and Things that Go."
While reading the book, the kiddos looked for
Golden Bug on each page...
(He's a sneaky little bug!)
The kiddos then practiced making their numbers
using these cards and matchbox cars...
Since the addition of our backyard bird feeder,
we have become avid bird watchers,
so naturally "C" had to be for Cardinal this week too.

Baby Girl was able to practice her reading with this fun story
from her "Humpty Dumpty" magazine,
which inspired us to make our own treats for the birds...
Later, we made these Cardinal ornaments
from craft kits some one had given me before Christmas...

(Please ignore Little Wild Man's face-
I believe the glue was getting to him...)
We hung the ornaments in the window closest to the feeder...

Hope our feather friends like the decor!

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