stART: "Corduroy" by Don Freeman

This week, Baby Girl and Little Wild Man
have been working on the letter "C,"
so we HAD to read some
Corduroy stories!
First, we listened to
"Corduroy" (I had it on tape),
and then I read aloud
"A Pocket for Corduroy" and
"Corduroy Goes to the Doctor."

In each of these stories, Corduroy receives something for him to wear:
A button ("Corduroy")
A pocket ("A Pocket for Corduroy")
An "I was a Super Patient" pin ("Corduroy Goes to the Doctor")

So, to help review the stories for the kiddos,
I had them create a Corduroy puppet,
making sure to include the items he received for his outfit.

I had this Corduroy/Overall pattern page from
when I was a public school teacher,
so why reinvent the wheel?

(I believe I got it from "The Mailbox" magazine,
August/September 1991 edition.)
First, the kiddos colored the bear and overalls...

Little Wild Man's Corduroy
Baby Girl's Corduroy

Continuing to work on those fine motor skills,
I had the kiddos cut out their bear/overalls...

(I did have to assist them a bit!)
I am VERY PROUD of the job Baby Girl
did on cutting out her overalls-
she often rushes and quits,
but she took her time and really tried this time!

The kiddos then glued the overalls onto
Corduroy... well as the buttons, pocket, and pin.
While working on her second grade "stuff,"
Jungle Girl asked if she could make a puppet too...
Glue a Popsicle stick on his back,
and Corduroy is ready to be in a puppet show!
Yes Corduroy, you ARE super!

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  1. Very cute! Your kids did a nice job! VEry cute for a puppet! :)

  2. Very cute! I love how they turned out. We'll have to make our's into a puppet, too!

  3. I love Corduroy! This turned out really cute!

  4. Your Corduroy puppets came out so cute! We Corduroy books too.

    Thank you for linking up :)

  5. Could you send me a copy of the Corduroy printout from the Mailbox.
    Thanks Sandra

    1. I would love to Sandra, but I am not sure how to get in contact with you! Please email me at so we can plan a "drop off"... ;0)