You are What You Eat! (Digestive System Activities)

how about I FINALLY get back to our
Human Body Science activities?

MAN- working full time time is seriously interrupting my
blog scheduling... ;0)

Back in February,
the kiddos and I delved into learning about
the Digestive System one week.

Here are the activities we used
to learn more about our
"internal pluming"...


We began our study by watching...
...THIS three part video about the Digestive System.


After reading more about the small and large intestines,
using our
AIMS From Head to Toe study book...
...we used yarn to measure the length
of a person's intestines.

Thick yarn for the large intestines,
normal sized yarn for the small...

According to our reading and measurements,
the total length of my middle child's intestines
was *almost" as long as the length of our house!


A grossly informative experiment we did
in relation to the digestion of food in the human body
is called
Using simple household ingredients...
...we created a Bolus.
(chewed soft food moistened by saliva that forms a ball)

(Yeah- GROSS...)
We added more ingredients to see what the food
would look like and feel like
as it passes through the stomach...

Here is a pic of our food before the
digestive system and after the digestive system...


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