June 6th-July 12th

June 6th-14th
Highlights from this week include:

*Honoring our fathers at church by making some
"Dad- you ROCK!"

*Sending Jungle Girl off for a week of church camp at the

*Helping our VBS mascot Iggy send special messages
to the other staff members at church

*Working and working and working
on the finalization of all the details for

*Picking up Jungle Girl from camp,
with the help of Toothless, of course...

*Going to see
"How to Train Your Dragon 2"
with the fam on opening day

(If we had not gone that day, I think
Jungle Girl would have died!)

*Ending the week at a Lowe's Build and Grow workshop
in which the kiddos made their own
wooden Toothless dragons


June 15th-19th
Highlights from this week included:

*This week was pretty much dedicated to

I hope to give a much more detailed post
about all of the fun we had later
on my blog-
as soon as I catch a break...


June 20th-28th
Highlights from this week included:

*S-L-O-W-I-N-G down at work a bit
after a fantabulous week of 
Vacation Bible School

*Getting the kidds focused on reading this Summer
with the help of THESE charts from

*Craftin' up some crazy flip flop art in honor of
National Flip Flop Day

*Hanging out with cousin Cadence and Uncle Tony
who came down to help my parents
paint prep their new home

*Garage sale and thrift store shopping

courtesy of my husband's work

While we were there, Little Wild Man and
Jungle Girl's boyfriend were selected to do
a game on the field.

The weather was lovely,
and we had a good time just being together.

*Iggy continued to surprise the WCC staff
(Hee! Hee!)

*Seeing How tot Train Your Dragon 2- again-
in 3D, thanks to Papa Hockman

(I have to admit, the 3D experience was AWESOME!)

*Attending another Lowe's Build and Grow workshop
in which the kiddos built a
sheep toss game based on the movie
How to Train Your Dragon 2


June 29th-July 5th
Highlights from this week included:

*4th of July fun!

Before the 4th, I crafted up a communion meditation
for my kiddos at Woodlawn
based on the idea of the freedom we have in Christ.

Then the actual 4th was a busy day!

We started with the 'hood's parade celebration,
which includes ice cream treats
and a dunking booth for the kiddos to play in.

*Later in the afternoon we went over to the
"Gerkin Mansion"
to celebrate family birthdays
with a 4th cookout.

And IS there a better way to end a day than with

I think not!

*Got our laundry and bags ready for a week of church camp

While doing one load of laundry,
I pulled out a wet towel from the washer
in the washing machine!!!

He was very dead-
and very clean-
and very flat.

I have NO IDEA how this came to pass,
but I am wondering if our kitten Thumper
may have something to do with it...


July 6th-12th
Highlights from this week included:

*Church Camp CRAZINESS!!!

Oh, I have MISSED going to church camp!

I finally got to volunteer this Summer,
and Baby Girl and Little Wild Man
both went with me.

I want to, again, write all about this experience
in a separate blog post-
there is just too many good things to share
to list here.

But one thing I do want to mention here
is how camp helped my kiddos

They did things at camp that they never
would have tried at home.

I am so proud of them both!


There we have it-
another 5 weeks down in the books
for 2014!

To read a photo play by play of the above collages,
just click HERE...


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  1. SO need to get back into going to those Build and Grows, the kids really do love them.