Belle Themed Personal Bridal Shower

I recently hosted a personal bridal shower for...
...this bubbly, lovely lady.

She is one of our faithful youth sponsors at church,
and we could NOT be more thrilled for her
upon her upcoming nuptials!

I know a personal shower can go
really raunchy sometimes.

I get it-
lingerie and bedroom talk and all.

And I can go to a shower like that and be totally fine.

But I wanted more of a focus on the
of the Honeymoon,
so I asked the groom-to-be
who his favorite Disney Princess was.

(The bride-to-be is a MAJOR Disney fan,
and they are going to Disney World
for their Honeymoon.)

I lucked out,
because his favorite princess is...

She is my favorite too,
since the movie came out my Junior year
of High School.

I had a bit of Belle paraphernalia
to use for the decor. 
Also, we decided to have the shower in the church's
youth house,
which has a lovely shade of golden paint on the walls
and red furniture accents,
making the party's color scheme easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.
I had a little buffet table set up for the guests
when they entered the "grand ballroom."

The china on the table is my wedding china,
and I HAD to serve our sweet tea
out of my tea pot
(really it is a coffee carafe, but who needs to get too technical?).

A non-chipped tea cup set along side it...


I made the tassels out of the party napkins
and Washi tape
using THIS tutorial.

This is a B&B snow globe I have had for YEARS,
sitting next to the invitation
I crafted up for the shower.

The rose pin I acquired at a garage sale
a couple of years ago.
Lumiere was a Christmas present
from my parents during my
B&B high school obsession.

They found him in a framing shop,
and he was supposedly created
by one of the artists who worked on Lumiere
in the movie.
To eat,
we had baguette-type sandwiches...
...The Village Bakery's "famous" thumbprint cookies...
...and "the grey stuff" with fruit and Nilla Wafers.

(Yes- it WAS delicious!)
 Candlelight set the mood for the party-
thank you, Lumiere!

When the guests left...
...they could take home some Sweet & Spicy party favors
(aka Hot Tamales and a baggie filled with
golden gumballs and a Disney Princess Lip Smackers).


We ate-
we talked-
we laughed...
...and I do believe we honored 
this bride-to-be just like a Princess should be honored!

I think she is ready for the Honeymoon-
and based on her gifts,
I think her future husband
is also set for a good trip!


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  1. I'm kinda curious why a jar of coconut oil is making her blush....