April 25th-June 5th

April 25th-May 8th
Highlights from these weeks included:

*A small celebration for Jungle Girl's 12th birthday

Eek- I almost have a teenager in the house!


*Enjoying some beautiful weather with bubble blowing

*Going through Letter T activities with the littles,
which included some
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fun

*Welcoming Super Dad home from his business trip
to Seattle, Washington

*Beginning plans for our church's VBS

*Going with Jungle Girl and 17 other middle schoolers
to Believe

*The BIGGEST life changer of these weeks?

Becoming Woodlawn Christian Church's
Children's Minister!


It is crazy awesome, and surreal to me.

I have attended this church since I was
7 months old,
and worked with either the children or youth groups
since I was in middle school.

I LOVE this group of people-
this FAMILY of mine.

And now to serve as a paid staff member?


I am thankful.

I am blessed.

I am amazed by God's plans-
which are somehow always different than mine,
and always so much BETTER.


This means some changes will-
and have already-
occur for our family.

I will still continue to homeschool,
but it will be more often a "check in" system
with the kiddos.

my parents will be more involved.

I am happy to have a couple of Summer months
to work out the kinks.

I will not be watching the littles anymore.

I LOVED this time in my life,
but I now have to focus my energies on a larger
group of kiddos now.

THANKFULLY all of my families
were able to find alternative childcare,
and I will still get to see them all occasionally.

God takes care of all the details,
so I am trusting him to help me work out
all of the details in this season of our lives!

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above collage, just click HERE...)


May 9th-15th
Highlights from this week include:

*My last day of babysitting the littles
*sniff, sniff*

*Celebrating our 7 graduation high school Seniors
at a church reception

*Getting my "niece" ready for her 8th grade dance

*Honoring (and being honored)
Mommies on Mother's Day

*Beginning my new job as
Children's Minister
with an office clean-out!

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above collage, just click HERE...)


May 16th-22nd

Highlights from this week include:

*Watching my flower girl/"niece"
graduate high school!!!

*Enjoying some pool time when
Nana and Papa came to visit

*The last of our Sunday evening activities
at church before a Summer break

*Getting CPR and First Aid certified

*Filming a "Weird Animals" VBS promo video
with our "Dr. Paws" character

*Went to an
"End of the School Year/Beginning of Summer"
youth group cookout
with the family

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above collage, just click HERE...)


May 23rd-29th
Highlights from this week include:

*Hosting a Belle-themed personal bridal shower
for a lovely lady

*Watching the Puppy Prince
play his last Wee Ball game of the season-
and receive a trophy

*Spending the weekend with the Long family!!!

We went to the Zoo,
babysat their twins,
visited old stomping grounds,
and enjoyed a
Memorial Day cookout
with our partners-in-crime.

Such a good weekend-
I was EXHAUSTED come Tuesday!


(To read a photo play by play of the
above collage, just click HERE...)


May 30th-June 5th
Highlights from this week:

*Getting a kitten!

I am a cat person-
and yet we have 3 BIG dogs.

I like the dogs.

But I have wanted a kitten for a while.

When my "niece" Mimi told me about a
friend of hers cat having kittens,
I wanted one.

On Friday,
we met and fell in love with this
little grey and white kitten,
soon to be named

He is active and loving-
all I that wanted in a cat!

Two of the dogs have adjusted fine
to this new presence,
but we are still keeping an eye
on our pit bull.

He hasn't done anything,
but he always walks around whining for the cat.

I am hopeful everyone will adjust accordingly...

*We ended May with one last party-
to honor another graduate friend of ours

Her name is Ying,
and she is our regular waitress at a local
Japanese/China buffet
we frequent.

We discovered her parents were not
throwing her a high school graduation party,
so we volunteered to do the job.

It was simple,
but I I think she discovered how much she means
to our family-
and to our church family-
since most of the guests were regulars
at her workplace.

I am so grateful for the people in my church family
and their generosity
to the people in our community!

*Continuing to prepare for 

*My husband getting the LAST
Build-a-Bear Toothless Dragon for jungle Girl

We made the mistake of not heeding our daughter's warning
about how POPULAR this stuffed animal was going to be,
and missed getting him when
he arrived during the first shipment.

This shipment of Toothless dolls
in less than 48 hours!!!

So on Wednesday we knew another shipment
was coming in,
and Super Dad played the role
of Super Hero
and booked it over to Build-A-Bear
after lunch and bought
the LAST ONE in the store.

That is CRAZY to me!

Based on this experience, 
we have already bought our tickets
for the movie premire on June 13th-
we would be crazy NOT to!


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  1. You snuck in a lot at once here! Congratulations on your new job. Our church has an excellent children's ministries pastor, and it means so much - I'm sure you'll do an equally Christ-centered, child loving job :)