March 14th-27th

It's been a busy couple of weeks
here at
The Fantastic Five,
so I will be giving highlights for two photo collages-
please stick around for the fun!



 Highlights from March 14th-20th include:

*My mother (the kiddos' Marmee) came over
and set up the girls
newly renovated dollhouse


I wish my home was as cozy and put together as
their doll house is!

My mother has ALWAYS had a creative sensibility
when it comes to many things,
including decorating-
both the big and the small.

in the mail this week

The kiddos
(boy included)
are pretty pumped about this party-
we can't wait to be
"at war" with our friends!

*Celebrated St. Patrick's Day 
with some Lucky Learning activities

The day began with a treasure hunt
left by our Leprechaun, Shamrock.

My littles were especially excited about the hunt-
it had them running up and down and all around
the house-
which was good-
since it RAINED all day.

We were not able to dig for coin letters
in the sandbox
play 4-square Shamrock,
but we did a couple of crafts
and ate a lot of green treats.

*ANOTHER pipe burst at our house

This makes the THIRD pipe to have burst
during this Winter.

two were in the garage and this one
was under the house.

No damage in doors.

And I want to give my HIGHEST praise
to the employees of Home Depot.

They helped me hunt down what we needed
for a temporary fix-
even if it took 5 of them
walking through several departments.

They were so helpful
to this plumping challenged girl!

*Spent several hours planning and organizing
the 4th and 5th grade trip to


Highlights from March 21st-27th include:

*Shopping for SuperStart with my girls

They were quite comical while we were in Kroger.

Jungle Girl kept tying up Baby Girl
in her jacket and hauling her around the store
like a servant.


We have taken our 4th and 5th grade
kiddos to this event every year for the past 
six(?) years.

(You can click HERE for some tips
I have about traveling with tweens
from the trip.)
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The slideshow above shows you all the fun we had-
and why I am WIPED OUT this week.

we have done the bare minimum
with school and housework.

it could also be because...

*Baby Girl acquired Strep Throat
and I am pretty sure my body
is trying hard to fight something off too

These are weeks I am so glad we homeschool.

We will make up the work load later.

For now-
we rest...


To read a photo play by play of the
above photo collages,
just click HERE and HERE...


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  1. I love the fact that you have a picture of you and your kids each week. Such great memories that you will cherish.

  2. We're hosting a NERF Rebelle party too! Can't wait for tomorrow!
    I love seeing all your pictures too.

  3. I agree with Phyllis -- your collage format is my favorite! :-)

  4. Wow- what a week! Great pictures too :)