January 1st-8th

Highlights from the first week of the new year include:

*Celebrating my 37th birthday
(I am a New Year's baby)
by cleaning up
the house, putting up the Christmas decor,
and having sushi for dinner

*Decorated the house with
snowballs and snowmen

*Kiddos spent the night at our neighbor's house
while we did NOTHING-
truly glorious...

*The little started coming back to play!

*Began an Interim Children's Minister position
at our church while we search for
a new children's minister

*Enjoyed a Snow Day with the kiddos

*Watched a few episodes of 
"Bubbles Guppies"-
Pretty Princess Pants

*Worked on the Letter K with the littles

*We are S-L-O-W-L-Y getting back
into our homeschooling groove-
it will help now that all out neighborhood friends
are back IN school!

*Celebrated the return of
"Dowton Abbey" with a fun hairdo and hot tea

*Ended the week with a water pipe bursting
in the garage,
but it is all good now

We have great neighbors,
and know a great plumber.

God is in the details-
in the chaos.

Be grateful...


To see a photo play by play 
of the above photo collage,
just click HERE...


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  1. Happy Birthday!! Sushi sounds like a great birthday dinner!

  2. Happy birthday! Love your Dowton Abbey hair :)

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! What fun you have at your house.