October 3rd-9th

Highlights from this week include:

*Celebrated National Taco Day
with lunch from Taco Bell

*Reviewed the Water Cycle
with our Lemon Head Homeschool Group
by making bracelets

*Attended my high school's
Homecoming football game,
which i have not done since I graduated
in 1995!

*Had some Crafty Saturday Fun

I took the girls and a couple of their friends
to Toys R Us for a CraZ Rubber Band Loom
and then we ended the day by tye-dying socks
at JoAnnes Craft store.

We also signed up Jungle Girl
for a sewing class at JoAnnes-
SOMEBODY needs to teach this girl to sew,
'cause I most certainly cannot!

*Worked on Mini-Figure creations
with our Lego class at church

(Make certain to check out Mary Prather's
Lego FRRE printables and info by going HERE!)

*Worked on the letters 
F and G
with the littles

*Booed the neighbors

(Read more about our Boo Baskets for this year
by going HERE...)

*Attempted to watch the predicted Meteor Shower

that did NOT pan out well for us.

it was a pretty evening,
and the girls and I enjoyed a little hike
in the process.

Here is about how it all
went down:


To read a photo play by play
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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