October 17th-23rd

Highlights from this week include:

*Had a MARATHON laundry washing session

I got out all the kiddos clothes
for the Fall/Winter season
out of storage then
hung up,
put away
what seemed like a
tons of clothes.

But it all got done in two days.


*Cleaned up the house
(with the help of the fam)
and finally finished decorating
for Halloween

I LOVE when I give myself permission
to take off a few days of school
to get house work caught up.

It makes me feel like I have the chaos
back in order
(at least a little bit),
which leaves my mind
open to more
creative and fun learning adventures...

*Began the letter H with the littles

*Began dance/choreography rehearsals
for "Annie"

To keep myself entertained back stage,
I may or may not have
given a make-over to an ancient
Cabbage Patch type doll.

After seeing the picture I took of the doll,
Super Dad said it sure looked like
this prop had had a
"hard-knock life"-
can you see why I love him?


*Had a lovely Vampire Doughnut breakfast one morning
with the kiddos

*Enjoyed some "champagne" (aka 7up)
with Marmee

*Thankfully did NOT have to rush Little Wild Man
to the ER for stitches
after he had a wrestling match with a rake

*Got back into our Rock On! Science lessons
with some experiments
about the act of weathering


To read a photo play by play
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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  1. I understand the freedom/creativity that comes with taking some time off in order to get your home in shape... we are much alike! I just love seeing your collages!

  2. I need to take some time off from school and do some fall cleaning myself!