September 26th-October 2nd

Highlights from this week include:

*Baby Cullen's death

I mentioned he had been born early.

He was only 1lb and a few ounces at his birth.

He had good moments,
where he tried to nurse off his Mommy's finger.

But he was not strong enough.

He had bleeding in the brain,
and went home to be with Jesus
after being here for only 4 days.

I was heart broken for this family.

I went to his funeral,
and because the family members are believers,
the funeral was full of

I left the funeral sad but

I am so thankful for the peace that passes all understanding,
and honored that I was able to witness
it in action
through this sad life event...

*Completed a cut little handprint owl craft
with our Parents Day Out preschoolers
and displayed them on the hallway bulletin board

*Met with the Lemonheads
and worked on apple tasting and apple crafts,
in honor of Johnny Appleseed's birthday

*Watched our dog, Schroeder, kill a groundhog
in the back yard

Oh, the circle of life-

*Little Wild Man went to another UT football game
with Super Dad

This time,
they were given tickets to sit in the box seats.

He LOVED it because he could have all the free ice cream
that he liked.

Oh the finer things in life... 


*Baby Girl helped celebrate a friend's birthday
by attending her
Minion birthday party

*Jungle Girl went on her first Middle School Youth group outing
to play Lazor Tag

*Got the call that I made it into the ensemble
for "Annie!"

Baby Girl did not make it,
and was disappointed,
but she told me she was fine with me
being in the play.

I am glad,
because I must admit,
I am very excited to be in a musical again!

I have not done one since high school!

I hope my 36 year old body is ready for this!!!

*Finished up the letter F
and moved on to the letter G
with the littles

*Went apple picking with the Lemonheads

The orchard I have gone to in the past 
is free and open to the public one or two days a year.

this was NOT a good year for apples in general.

So even though we did have fun picking
what little apples there were,
there were not enough to make my usual
big batch of Apple Butter this year...


*Ended the week with a surprise pizza lunch
brought by Marmee-
with Oreos for dessert!

This was one weird week
full of highs and lows...


To read a photo play by play
of the above collage,
click HERE...


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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Cullen - yet, I love how you said you went home sad, but HOPE filled. Yes, as believers, that is how we must approach death - sadness, but with such a sense of HOPE that we will be with Jesus one day. How awesome will that be? ;-) Thanks for linking - I appreciate you!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the funeral. I am glad that it was a hope filled event, though. It sounds like your week was a very busy one.

  3. That is a week filled with up and down! Hope you enjoyed the ride.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about Baby Cullen. I know how heartbreaking it is to be close to someone who's newborn is called home to Jesus way too soon...I was also tickled that Wild Man was so delighted about the ice cream. It's funny what the kids pick out as their favorite moments from a big experience :-)