September 12th-18th

Highlights from this week include:

*Continuing to learn about the letter D
with the littles,
including having a "D"elicious "D"oggie Pizza Lunch

*Met with our fellow
Lemonhead Homeschooling Group
and played a Native American Game called 
the Hand Game

*Studied our AIMS Mineral Kit

*Went to the Tennessee Valley Fair
over the weekend to see the sights
and see how the kiddos did on their craft entries

We went to the fair for free
(thank you to our children's minister for the tickets!),
and went on a WONDERFULLY cool, crisp evening.

I love the fair at night,
with all the lights and sounds,
especially the Ferris wheel.

When we went on Saturday evening,
we were too late to check on the kiddos' craft exhibits,
so we enjoyed the hypnotist show instead.

It was so entertaining!

And might I just add,
very real.

On Sunday Evening,
Super Dad took the kiddos back to the fair
(after scoring more free tickets- woot!),
so they could see their crafts.

(Jungle Girl won a 1st place ribbon,
Baby Girl won a third place ribbon,
and Little Wild Man received an Honorable Mention.

I was very proud of all of them
for putting themselves out there to be judged-
and important life skill, in my opinion.)

After seeing their crafts,
they decided to go back to the hypnotist show-

And Super Dad was chosen to be in the second show!

And, yes- he was truly hypnotized!

If I wasn't a believer before,
I am now!

I did not get to go back with the fam
since I had church stuff on Sunday night,
but they brought home the video recording for me to see.


Oh my gracious sakes-
Super Dad is such a good sport!!!

*Began getting the church ready
for the 30th+
Lil' Angels Attic Sale

(You can read more about
what it is by clicking HERE...)

I did not actually sell my kiddos' clothes
at the sale this year-
it was just NOT fitting into my schedule.

In fact,
I am thinking running and working this sale
is not fitting into in my schedule

Life is too busy to take 2 weeks
to put the sale together,
PLUS to hours of prep work before
each sale AND
home chaos clean up afterwards.

I just don't know...


*Lost Jungle Girl's pet hamsters in our couch

That's right-
IN the couch.

She had them out one day in their ball,
and had forgotten to put them up
until it was time for bed.

she started looking for them and could not find them.

We all joined in the search,
but NONE of us could locate them.

how in the WORLD could two little hamsters
in a plastic blue ball
HIDE so well?

We gave up the search for the evening,
and resumed the next morning.

I turned our couch
UPSIDE down,
vacuumed it out,
but still not hamsters.

Wii remote-yes.

Playmobile King-yes.



We began to think they had run away outside somehow-
very much reminding me of a
Disney movie script.

By the evening,
Super Dad was on the couch getting ready to watch TV
when he heard a skittering sound.

I got down under his seat on the couch with Jungle Girl
and sure enough,
the hamsters were caught somehow
in the side of the couch.

With Baby Girl's smaller hands,
we were able to push them out and get them back
safely into their cage.



To read a photo play by play
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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