Scarecrows in the Park 2013: Little Bo Peep

Four years ago,

Our family and another from the 'hood
entered a scarecrow called
"Little Miss Muffet,"
which you can see by clicking HERE.

we finally got our act together and were able
to get a scarecrow entry
pulled together for this year's festival.


As you can see,
this entry was completed with the help of another family
from our 'hood.

Their family made the scarecrow form
out of PVC pipes and wires,
and we decorated it.

We used...
...Baby Girl as our model,
making it easy to actually the form
with her old clothes.
La La Loopsey dolls served as the inspiration
for the appearance of Miss Peep... well as her sheep.
The kiddos from both families
crafted up the sheep
using the following:

*Fake carvable craft pumpkins from The Dollar Tree

*White spray paint

*Black and white craft foam

*Black and white pipe cleaners

*Black and white buttons

*E6000 glue

To create the sheep,
the pumpkins were first spray painted with
the white paint.

When they were dry...
...the kiddos curled up the pipe cleaners
and poked them into the pumpkins
to create the sheeps' wool.

After gluing on the foam faces
and button eyes...
...the sheep were ready to "hide" from their mistress.

While I set the scarecrow up in the park,
the kiddos enjoyed playing...

It was a lovely, lovely afternoon...


Speaking of scarecrows...
...look at what our neighbor has designed
for his Halloween yard extravaganza!

I LOVE the look of the creepy scarecrow...
...and he looks even more sinister
under the light of the moon!
I can't WAIT for Halloween!!!


  1. Wow, love little bo beep scarecrow, she's awesome!

  2. Terrific sheep, and a great idea.
    And, that scarecrow of your neighbors is totally creepy!