Back-to-School Bookworms

For the past few years,
our neighborhood has hosted a
"Back-to-School Breakfast"
in an effort to get the kiddos
up and out of bed
and excited for the new school year.

I have provided a craft at all of these celebrations.

(You can see the Pencil Toppers we made in 2010
by clicking HERE.)

This year's craft was inspired by
I taught the kiddos how to make my version of...
...Book Worms!


Pip cleaners
Pony Beads
Craft glue
Googly eyes

Step 1:
 Decide what color of pipe cleaner you want for the worm's body
and  style of button you want for the worm's head.

Step 2:
 Push the pipe cleaner
through one of the holes of the button.

Step 3:
 Push the pipe cleaner back through
a different button hole.

Step 4:
Twist the small section of pipe cleaner
you looped through the button holes
over and around the rest of the pipe cleaner.

Step 5:
 Thread the pipe cleaner
with pony beads
to decorate the worm's body.

Step 6:
 To close off the end,
leave some of the pipe cleaner un-beaded,
and pull up the last pony bead a bit.
Loop the end of the pipe cleaner
over the extra pony bead...
 ...and twist it around the extra bit of pipe cleaner... create a close off tail end.

Step 7:
Use craft glue to secure eyes on the button face
and you have yourself a book worm!

I loved watching the creative minds
of the kiddos at the breakfast...
They came up with all different kinds of book worms-
not one was the same!

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  1. I love these! I want one, we are out of pipe cleaners though.