Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop: Our School Room

This year,
as in years past,
I want to take y'all on a tour of our
Homeschool Room....
Past Homeschool Room Tour Posts:

However this year,
I wanted to do a video of the school room-
or in this case,
six short video clips of the room.

I LOVE school room "tours,"
especially video ones,
because I glean so many ideas
for our own space.

B-U-T be fore you view my videos,
let me give you a couple of warnings:

1.  I am NO professional videographer.

2.  I filmed these clips with my camera.

3.  I edited them myself.

4.  They still contain mistakes after the editing process.

5.  To watch all of the clips at once,
you will need around 14 to 15 minutes.

Now that you have been fairly cautioned,
grab a cup of something yummy to sip,
sit back,
and enjoy the tour!



Homeschool Room Tour: Part 1

Entry way: Hutch, Book Box, Display Wall, and Posters
Homeschool Room Tour: Part 2

Behind the Front Door: Preschool Area
Homeschool Room Tour: Part 3:

In Front of the Window: Suitcases and Workboxes
Homeschool Room Tour: Part 4

Front Room Corner: Bookshelf and Preschool Files
Homeschool Room Tour: Part 5

Secretary Desk and Reading Corner
Homeschool Room Tour: Part 6

Kitchen and Eating Area: Calendar Time and Kitchen Table

Thank you for coming by
and visiting
our homeschool room!



  1. It's fun to hear your voice! I've watched part 1 of the videos, I'll come back later and watch more.

  2. Wow, you're so organized you make me tired :) Great tour!