Despicable Me 2 Week: Minion Math

During our 
Despicable Me 2 Week,
I decided to "spice up"
Little Wild Man's math practice
with a little...
...Minion Math game.
Using THIS Minion dice download,
I printed out four copies,
cut the squares apart, and placed them in our
to create four Minion Dice.

I got the idea to use the photo blocks in this way

I am a member of this site,
and I HIGHLY recommend it if you want to bring in some 
physicality into your lessons-
which is especially nice for boys!  ;0)

After the dice were put together,
here is how we used them to practice
the mathematical concept of
1.  Roll one of the die.

2.  Write down the number rolled
in the units place
for the first number of your addition problem.
2. Roll another die
(and maybe make a goofy face while you do it).

3.  Write down that number in the tens place
for the first number of the addition problem.

4.  Continue to roll and write all the dice
until you have the second number
for your addition problem.
5.  Add the problem, and regroup if necessary.

all the dice provided was a way for 
Little Wild Man
to come up with his problem in an active manner.

He told me later that this was the 
"funnest Math ever."

Which is good,
since regrouping review
is not always fun!

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