Despicable Me 2 Week: Mad Science, Part II

After having fun 
fake snow and our Blizzard Maker
(click HERE for the Mad Science 1 post),
the kiddos and I decided to delve into the world of...

I set up a mini "Bubble Lab" for the kiddos,
using bubbles and wands and such we already had,
plus a couple of new bubble sets from
The Dollar Tree.
(Baby Girl made the sign for our lab,
so do not get all excited and think that
came and snag for us during our Mad Science fun.

He did not-
this was just a misspelling...)  ;0)
For our first bubble experiment,
we really work with color mixing more than the
actual properties of the bubbles themselves.

This experiment used one of the bubble sets
I found at The Dollar Tree...
This set contained three different
test tubes filled with either
yellow, blue, or red bubble solution.

It also had a a bigger test tube you could use
to combine the different colored solutions... create different colors of bubble solution.


thought I need to insert that on behalf of
Little Wild Man's
mad science pose...)


After playing around for color a bit,
we moves on to...
...some extra-strength bubble solution,
also purchased at
The Dollar Tree.

(I swear, I do NOT get paid or receive anything 
to promote their products,
but I go there
for homeschool stuff.

I Would really love to have them as a sponsor-
FOR REALS...)  ;0)

These bubbles took longer to pop...
...making them easier to stick together.

The younger kiddos also had an excellent time
chasing these bubbles,
since they hung around longer,
making them easier to pop.

I believe the reason these bubbles are "stronger"
is perhaps they contain more glycerin than "normal" bubbles.


While continuing our quest for all things
we checked in on 
an experiment Little Wild Man
had had in the freezer for over a week.

About three weeks ago,
over on Vine,
I had posted a video about...
...Little Wild Man's frozen slime experiment.

(Who doesn't like to see what "stuff" freezes
and how it "behaves" when it is frozen, right?)

One of my Vine followers 
("Be Seeing You")
made the comment that 
Little Wild Man
should blow a bubble with bubble gum
and see what happens to it in the freezer.

We both thought that was an AWESOME idea,
...we both grabbed some chewing gum,
blew bubbles...
...and placed them in the freezer on parchment paper,
and waited.

We decided to do two kinds of gum,
one with sugar
(on the left)
and one with artificial sweetener
(on the right).

Since we were working with bubbles on this day,
we thought that it would be an appropriate time
to see the results of the
Frozen Bubble Gum experiment...
There ya have it.


What a pontificater he is...

Seriously though,
after we discussed it the results,
both Little Wild Man and Baby Girl
(my bubble tasters)
said that the gum without sugar was harder to chew,
but kept its flavor.

The pink sugary gum was easier to chew,
but had no taste.


Ok, Ok,
hang with me here people,
this was our last bubble experiment of the day-
I promise!

After checking in on the chewing gum,
the kiddos wondered how the
"stronger" bubbles
would fair in the freezer.
So I let them blow some bubbles
into our standing freezer in the garage.

Side note:

Please do not judge me on the 
Arctic-like condition of the freezer.

I KNOW we need to defrost it-

I checked back in my pictures and it has now been
over a year sine it was last defrosted.

Here are the kiddos in June 2012,
"helping" along the defrosting process... 

back to the bubbles...
They latched on nicely... we had high hopes that the bubbles
would actually freeze.

But they didn't.

I don't have any pics of it,
but the bubbles did leave marks where they had been
in the freezer,
which makes me wonder if they DID freeze for a bit,
but then shattered before we checked back in on them.

That will perhaps be a project to work on later.

For now,
we have retired our Mad Scientist goggles
and hope that our experiments during
Despicable Me 2 week
left Professor Nefario...
...with a smile on his face!


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about all the fun stuff you did and seeing the pics and videos. That's exactly how we do science ("I wonder what would happen if...?") Almost better than Michael Buble himself ;-)

  2. Those are great bubble experiments. My kids would tell you "We don't chew gum," and Princess would have a very sanctimonious voice as she told you. Which cracks me up mainly because I didn't intend to have that rule, it just came about when they were too young and ALWAYS swallowed it, and then never really changed.

  3. Oh, good to know! We're getting a new Dollar Tree! LOL The Bubble Blower has AWESOME hair!