Monsters University Week: Mike Wazowski Water Beads

At the end of the week,
the family is headed out to see...
...Monsters University.

We are so excited!!!

Watching Mike and Sulley again together on the big screen
will bring back many memories for me.

I saw Monsters Inc. when I was pregnant
with my first born, Jungle Girl.

I CRIED at the end when Sulley has to leave Boo,
and she runs to the closet door, looking for him,
and quizzingly says,



to make the anticipation more fun,
we are holding
"Monsters University Week"
here at
The Fantastic Five,
completing some kind of fun 
Monster-related activity
until we get to see the movie on Saturday.

after reading...
Hope Vestergaard,
the kiddos got to play with...
...Mike Wazowski Water Beads.
 This is such an easy-peasy activity to pull together...
...I really must thank 
for her the inspiration behind this activity!
I found these water beads,
in their dehydrated form,
in the floral section at 
The Dollar Tree.

They were included in a flat plastic vase kit,
so I bought 10 kits to achieve the 
number of beads I wanted for the box.

I put the dried beads in some water overnight,
added some giant googly eyes,
and the 
Mike Wazowski Water Bead Bin
was ready for playtime!

I also pulled out several
cups, spoons, tongs, etc.
so the kiddos could explore the bin by...
...and transferring.

The girls also transformed the box into a 
"Vet Clinic" game.
Any squished or deformed beads 
would make their way to the clinic to be worked on...
I believe they saved a lot of beads in the process.  ;0)


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