Thumbprint Tree

Our Children's Ministry recently had to say
goodbye to an
intern and his lovely wife.

It is not surprise to us...
...that this crazy guy got a job 
as a youth minister in Florida.

We are SO HAPPY for them-
but we are gonna miss them.

To send them off in style,
we threw them a little
Cinco de Mayo Farewell Party
in Children's Church this past Sunday.

We also wanted them to have 
something to remember us by,
but that would also continue to inspire them
in their ministry.

...the Thumbprint Tree.

I got a canvas at JoAnn's 
and using a brown paint pen,
I created a funky tree outline.

After adding a few paper leaves,
all of...
...these precious kiddos
used different shades of green ink
to place...
...their thumbprints all over the tree
for leaves!
I also wrote the kiddos' names
next to their leaves... Mr. Isaak and Miss Sarah
will always remember the kiddos
who helped start their ministry.

We also pray that God will continue to
"grow" their ministry
as they continue to serve him.

We love you guys!!!

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