April 24th-May 1st

Highlights from this week include:

*Playing with nail sticker strips to create a

*Waited for Super Dad to come home from
his business trip to Seattle, Washington

He even brought us back goodies,

-Mini Space Needles for the girls
-A bearded Seattle Mariners stocking cap for the boy
-A mug from the original Starbucks for me
(and I SWEAR coffee tastes BETTER in that mug!)

* Celebrated Jungle Girl's birthday

(Read all about that busy fun day HERE)

*Did a lot of schoolin' outside-
including a Science lesson
"How Plants Eat"

(I will post more about that
pretty soon on Science Sunday...)

*Began a bird unit
with the pre-K crowd

I am so glad we are studying birds with the littles
this year because
we have discovered 
TWO different bird nest-
one of which in IN our garage!

(We have a broken pain of glass
in our garage door,
in case you were wondering how the
Mama came to roost in there...)

It is has been so much fun 
to check on the nests every other day,
and watch the babies grow,
and listen to the Mama birds chirp madly 
at us while we do so...  :0)

(I will post all about our birdie activities
next week on the blog...)

*Celebrated May Day
by crafting up some little baskets
for the neighbors


To read a photo play by play of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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