October 27th-November 2nd

Halloween was the theme this week...

After cleaning up after Friday evening's
pumpkin carving fun,
we awoke to being "Booed" by the neighbors we
Booed the night before!  

So I went back out shopping,
gathering up stuff for new Boo Baskets
and buying the final items 
for Trunk or Treat and Halloween.

In the afternoon,
we finished up details for out
Trunk or Treat car.

In the evening,
I rustled together my Sunday School lesson
while Super Dad and I caught up on
"Sons of Anarchyon Netflix.

(Do I seem a little hypocritical there- maybe...)



Went to church,
and then spent the afternoon prepping
a little more for Trunk or Treat.

We all went back to church
in the late afternoon and set up
for Table or Treat, since
Trunk or Treat was a bit of a wash out.

The theme for our tables was
"Middle Earth Mini Golf,"
based on 
J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit."

We ended up winning the
"Huh?!?!?" Award.

People just don't appreciate
good literature anymore... ;0)



The kiddos and I made it through the
rainy cold weather
and completed school,
as well as pounding the guts out of a pumpkin.


In the evening,
Super Dad and I Stayed up 
WAY too late watching more 
Sons of Anarchy-
that show is addictive!



After school,
I worked on "stuff" around the house
for Halloween,
went to practice a new song at church,
and then finished up more foodie fun
for Halloween during the end of 
Super Dad's and I's
Sons of Anarchy marathon.  

(We finished up the season,
so now we need to start on the latest season
which we have been DVring...)  :0)




After school,
the kiddos and I went and picked up
our high school family friend Mimi.

We then headed home and finished
getting ready for our
Halloween Feast!

We ate all kinds of goodies
and went trick or treating with
The Hobbit.

I am so glad my kiddos humor me
with "theme-ing"  their costumes!

We ended our evening with a viewing of
"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"



We all woke up rather slowly,
so we watched some TV.

During one of the shows,
Baby Girl told me her throat was hurting.

I looked at it,
and sure enough,
I saw little spots of puss!

We then all took her to the 
and he confirmed what I suspected-
she has Strep Throat.

We spent the rest of the evening
lazying around the house,
eating soup
and watching Netflix's cartoons.

Poor Baby Girl...  :0(



No big plans,
just catching up on some laundry
and taking care of my sick girlie-
kinda an anti-climatic ending to a
rather busy week,
and that is fine with me...  


To read a photo play-by-play
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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