Froggie Went A-Courting, and He Did Die, Uh-Huh!

Do you remember me writing about
some sweet little...
the kiddos and I were trying to raise
to frog-dom?

we lost one the first week we had them,
and another the next week.

a mystery emerged.

We noticed one day that one of our little tadpoles
had almost turned into a frog.

The next morning,
he was gone!

We looked everywhere,
and the only thing we could figure
is he had jumped out of the bowel.

(The next week,
the last little tadpole died.)


guess what I found this week in the garage
in a box?

you guessed it...
...a little froggie corpse!

Looks like he didn't hop his way to freedom
after all...

Oh well.


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  1. Oh no! Poor little guy. If you live in Austin, I'd tell you to take it to the Nature Center and get SOOOO many points for it......