Tadpole "Pool"

Over the past two weeks,
we have been experiencing Biology first hand
by raising...
...four little tadpoles.

A friend from church found a bunch of them
in a puddle in their yard,
and graciously agreed to bring us a few
to raise.

We had kept them in their original
container for about a week and a half,
so this week we created a more
suitable habitat for them...


we went to a thrift store
to find a bigger bowel
 for the tadpoles to hang out in...
...and ended out trip at our local creek.

We filled our bowl with rocks and water from the creek...
...and took it home to create a little
Science Learning Center
on our counter.

(I even included some 
magnifying glasses for the kiddos
to use when they looked at the tadpoles.)


They seemed happy in their new home...

...and have even been chowing down 
on some blood worms
that we got for them at the pet store.


Sadly though...
...we lost one this week.

After living only one day in his new home,
this little tadpole didn't make it.

So sad...

at least one of the three that are left
will reach 

I will keep you updated in the weeks to come...


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  1. So cool!!! We found some last summer, and put them in very large container with some of the water that we found them in. We left the whole thing outside, and simply checked on it daily. We had a ton of little froggies in the end. It was so neat for our boys to watch the different stages of the metamorphic change. And they all did it at their own rates. We could always see some with nubs, some with legs getting ready to leave, some without legs at all, etc. Good luck, I hope that it works out for ya!

  2. I want to raise frogs. I think it would be so much fun!