It's the Gho-ost Li-ight!!!

During Smiley B's
"G is for Goofy Ghost" unit,
the kiddos and I got to create a
lovely sticky mess while crafting.
Here I am with three of my favorite boys,
ready to create a glorious mess...


To make this simple craft
all you need is...
...some Modpodge glue, cheesecloth,
Styrofoam balls, and felt.
add some water to the Modpodge
and mix it up.
take a section of cheesecloth
(you will need three or four sections 
cut into squarish pieces)...
 ...and completely submerge it in the glue mix.
take out the cheesecloth,
straighten it out...
 ...and place it over the Styrofoam ball.
Do this three or four more times...
...until the ball is completely covered.
glue some felt eyes and a mouth
on the cheesecloth
to give your ghostie a face.


After a few hours,
gently peel the cheesecloth
off of the Styrofoam,
add a battery-operated candle...
...and you have a ghostie luminary! 
Spoooooo-key...  ;0)


  1. Ooooooo. We've got a sound activated ghost outside our window and it's been going off all night from the wind...... Yeah, it's getting old.

  2. Very cute! I love the top picture of you all.