Ghostie Lunch

It has been a 
L-O-N-G time
since I have done a 
"fun" lunch for the kiddos.

So, I thought that while I was doing the
"G is for Goofy Ghost" unit
with Smiley B...
...a Muffin Tin Meal would be a 
perfect addition to all our ghostie fun!
 The meal consisted of:
 Ghostie Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
 Halloween Colored Tortilla Chips
 Grapes to be eaten with a Black Pom-Pom Toothpick
a Ghost Nutterbutter Cookie
and "Ghost Colored" Milk


I don't know who has been goofy this week-
the ghost in our lessons...
...or the kiddos!


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1 comment:

  1. I vote that it is the kiddos. :) Great ghostly lunch. I will have to look for those corn chips!