Letter B Tot Trays and Explorer Box

 Here are the letter "B" activities
 I had ready for Smiley B
to work with this past week...


Explorer Box:
 I just took the Apple Orchard Explorer Box
from last week and added a few new "friends":

a Bear, a Bunny, and some Bees

(I think Smiley is getting a little bored by this box-
he only played with it once.
Time for a bigger change next week...)


Tot Trays:

Buttons and Clothes Tray
Smile B used tweezers,
and eventually his hands,
to put buttons on the different pieces of clothing.


Play Dough Tray
Smiley B had blue play dough to work with this week,
and some play dough toys,
including a bear and butterfly cookie cookies.


Pattern Blocks Tray
Sometime during my public school teaching days,
I came across some 
Pattern Block Animal Sheets... I set out the
"Bunny" and "Bird" sheets
for Smiley B to work on.
I was pretty impressed by his ability to
work these puzzles out...
...Just look at that little face,
concentrating so hard!


Alphabet Book Page Tray
Smiley B decorated a giant letter "B"...
...with a variety of animal stickers,
all of them beginning with the letter "B":

(Look how sweetly these boys work next to each other!)


Bead Tray
For fine motor skills practice,
Smiley B strung beads onto
leather cords.


Bear Puppet Tray
Smiley B colored a bear puppet printable I in my files
...and Little Wild Man cut it out
and put it together for Smiley B.


Button Magnet Tray
For some extra Letter B fun,
I set out a magnetic dry erase board...
...along with some button magnets
I found at the Dollar Tree.
Smiley B had fun making pictures with them...


on to the Letter C...


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