Apple Tot Trays and Explorer Box

Since I now have a preschooler
in the house two days a week,
I have decided that the best way
to keep up with our homeschooling while he is here
is to include him in the fun!

I hope to supplying him with different
Tot Trays and Explorer Boxes,
centering around the different letters of the Alphabet.

This past week we focused on the Letter A-
in particularly
"A" is for Apple...


Apple Dot-a-Dot Page
We will do a different kind of alphabet page
each week,
so by the end of the year
Smiley B will have an 
Alphabet Book to take home.

(I have NO IDEA where the sheet above is from.
I got a copy of it during my public school teaching days.)


Apple Dice Game
Using apple printables from Mama Jenn's
Smiley B worked on color recognition and counting.

After Smiley rolled the dice,
he used the bingo marker to place a dot
on the colored paper which matched the color of the apple
he rolled.
Little Wild Man and he had a good time playing this game,
with Smiley marking and Little Wild Man 
rolling and counting.


Apple Tree Tray
Smiley B was able to put the apples on and off
of THIS tree printable with the Velcro dots.


Apple Pom Pom Tray
Smiley B was able to use the tweezers to transfer
all the "apples" (pom poms)
from one bowl and back.


Apple Pie Play Dough Tray
Smiley B LOVES his play dough!

He spent a good deal fo time with this tray,
making pie...
...and other various creations.


Apples of All Sizes Tray
I am not certain WHERE I picked up the
page that made these apples,
but Smiley B did very well stacking them up in order,
from biggest to smallest.


Apple Orchard Explorer Box
The Explorer Box contained the following:

Green-dyed macaroni noodles

3 wooden trees

Apple bouncy ball

Apple erasers

Mini-basket bags

("apple pickers)
 I also included a set of measuring cups for scooping.

Smiley B really had fun with all the activities this week-
I am so looking forward to still having a preschooler
in our homeschooling midst!


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  1. Such wonderful ideas!! I love the apple unit. I'm going to have a couple of little ones in my home as well and am looking forward to planning some fun activities with them. :)


  2. Great trays! We just finished an apple unit. Visiting from Preschool Corner. :)

  3. Love the apple dice game. And the play dough in the pie plate. Genius!

  4. Stopping by from Preschool Corner. SO glad I found your blog, it's a fantastic resource!! I'll be back :)

  5. The apple explorer box really stands out. I'd think that's an activity that would be revisited over and over.