August 4th-10th

Here are the highlights from this week-
because I am a week behind...

*Started the week with three extra Nussbaum kiddos
for a 2 night sleepover-
we went from 
"Dollywood Nights" to "Nussbaum Nights"

*Watched Smiley B and his baby brother,
Mad Max,
for the first time this school year

*Took Jungle Girl to an
writing workshop done by the

*Started a mini-vacy with
Nana and Papa

*Scared the kiddos heading up the mountain
to the cabin we stayed in on vacation
 (made Jungle Girl CRY- 
she was so nervous!)

*Prayed in the car to calm everyone's
nerves on the way to the cabin

*Spent an entire day at the 

*Ended the evening at

(This was a fun show-
I was impressed!
I have to admit,
I thought it was going to be a
total cheese fest...)

I will talk more about our mini-vacy fun
in the next weekly wrap-up post...


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  1. Short and sweet!!! But I have a feeling you did a lot of living last week!

    Thank you for always linking and just being your happy, joyful self. God bless!!

  2. It sounds like you had an awesome and busy week. We went to Pigeon Forge a few years ago and ended up loving the Titanic Museum.

    Blessings, Dawn