August 11th-17th

It was pretty much "crickets" at my house this week...

We continued our min-vacay with Nana and Papa
by venturing out to 
and let the kiddos ride some of the rides
at Kid Country.

(I also raced Super Dad on the go-carts,
and I believe I won...
since he spun his car and caused a 
20 car pile up...)  ;0)

We ended the evening back in the cabin,
enjoying the hot tub, the stars, and some s'mores.




After finally rolling out of bed,
we all headed out to the mountains.

We drove up to Metcalf Bottoms 
and hiked along the creek,
drove around Cades Cove,
and looked at the interesting graveyards
at both places.

We ended the evening eating at
and then Super Dad and I went back home,
minus our three young ones.

Jungle Girl, Baby Girl, and Little Wild Man
went back to the cabin
with Nana and Papa,
they were going to stay the entire week
with them.



I had to still get up early
(well, "early" for me)
to take care of my little guys
Smiley B and Mad Max.

Super Dad and I took them to the
Alex Haley Farm in Clinton, TN
to pick apples in their
apple orchards.

The orchards are open to the community
one to three days a year 
for FREE apple picking.

I lost my keys in the shuffle
of loading kiddos into the car.

Super Dad WAS planning on going to work,
but he didn't want to leave me
without finding my keys,
so he stayed with me
the rest of the day.

And we searched the entire house.

And car.

And didn't find them until
Tuesday afternoon,
in the ONE place we hadn't looked,
a box of stuff for my mom
that my in-laws had picked up for her
in Indiana.

(This is SO typical of me!)



I made a batch
of apple butter in the crock pot,
did a load of laundry,
went to my Mom's,
but other than that,
I was pretty chilled out.

I enjoyed the quiet...



Kept up with
Smiley B and Mad Max again,
and then Super Dad
took me out to eat for Sushi.

We ate on the patio of Shonos
and really enjoyed the nice evening.



I was a totally SLOB
on Thursday!

I started my day by watching
"Marley and Me,"
and pretty much
stayed in that stop all day.

I was tired,
and a little sad/frustrated with myself,
for not being on top of some upcoming
activities in my life.

The movie just drove me further into
a melancholy mood,
and my husband was very understanding
when he got home.

We order a pizza
and caught up on some DVRed programming.

I LOVE this man!



Oh the difference a day can make!

I got up,
straightened up the house,
and prepared for the return
of my kiddos!

I was very happy to see them again,
safe and sound,
with Nana and Papa in tow.

I enjoyed the break,
but I am craving normalcy again!


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  1. I think we need those down days sometimes! My kids love to plan a "slob" day in to our schedule. Only we do try and straighten up right before dad gets home! Sounds like a nice week.