Poop Touch!

I am hoping I still have y'all as followers after this post,
but I suppose it will give you a bit more insight into
my twisted sense of humor...

Remember me mentioning in my weekly wrap-up
that my family (The Hockmans) and
another church family (The Nussbaums)
were taking care of yet ANOTHER church family's garden
(The Woods family)
this past week? 

there is a bit of a game that was started by
the youngest member of the Nussbaum clan and the
father from the Woods family.

It is called...
"Poop Touch."

you read it correctly...

"Poop Touch" is similar to the...
..."Cheese Touch" in
Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

(You can see a clip
about the "Cheese Touch" by clicking HERE.)

the youngest Nussbaum got it into his head to call
the "Cheese Touch" the "Poop Touch" one day during a 
game of tag,
and Father Woods has been playing it with him
every time they see each other at church.

we are the most mature bunch of adults
you have ever read about,
I am sure...)


So, the Nussbaums had the idea that we should leave
little "Poop Touch" notes all over the Woods' house
for them to find when they get home.

Inspired by such an ingenious idea,
I went home a created...
 ...some "Poop Touch" notes for us to hide.

I printed up about 40 notes for the kiddos to hide...
...and hide those notes we did!

 They are all over the house... cups...
 ...the freezer...
 ...the refrigerator...
 (Hee! Hee!)
 ...the Canola Oil Spray lid...
...the pots...
...and in notebooks.

Gotta say, 
the most natural place we hid them was...
...on the toilet seat.



Oh how we love our friends!

I anticipate that they could possibly be finding
these notes
for years to come... ;0)

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